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Deuteronomy 31:8

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

An amazing company...

Luella with her purple Hello Kitty!
In December at Jim's company Christmas party in the Des Moines office a "Bet" was announced and it was decided that the money raised as part of the bet would go to the Dravet Syndrome Foundation in honor of Luella! We were so thrilled to have them honor our family in this way. We've gotten such amazing local support in regards to Luella but this "bet" included offices in other (distant) locations as well! We were amazed at their generosity!

One part of the bet was that if $2,500 was raised an executive offered to contribute an additional 25% on top of what was raised.  He would also go to the extreme of growing a goatee and dressing down for work, both of which are completely out of character for him.

East Lake Spartan Chess Team Cheer Squad
They started collecting money in February and the bet officially ended on April 2. On April 15th the executive spent some time in the Luverne office... completely dressed down and sporting a very itchy goatee!  He gave Luella a purple Hello Kitty which she completed adored! The next day Jim, Luella and I drove to Des Moines for the wrap-up party for this bet and fundraiser! What an amazing day! Everyone in the office gathered to watch a couple of employees do a skit as the East Lake Spartan Chess Team Cheer Squad (from Saturday Night Live)! It was epic! They did an incredible job! It was so funny!! After the skit there was a dance-off which Luella won hands down. Then they presented Luella with a check for the Dravet Syndrome Foundation for $4,513!! We were blown away by how much money was raised!! After the event a few more donations came in to bring the final total to $4,748!!

Luella enjoyed the ice cream!

We were all treated to a delicious Ice Cream Social following the event! It was an amazing time. Jim works with some truly amazing and generous people! To everyone that made this happen and all those that donated - we can't thank you enough!!

What an amazing donation!

As Luella's shirt says... these people know how to "MAKE THINGS HAPPEN"! Thank you!!


  1. So awesome, Heather! WOW! What an amazing company to work for that supports their employees so much!!!!

  2. This is so neat Heather! How wonderful of them to do this for you guys!!!
    I love that last picture :)