"The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.
   Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”
Deuteronomy 31:8

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Zoo, Park, Seizure

Luella has her lunch ready to go!
Luella has been doing so well!! Her average lately is about a seizure every month. On Friday Luella's preschool class had a field trip to visit the zoo and park. She was super excited!! Most of the excitement centered around the idea that she would FINALLY get to use the lunch box that we ordered with her backpack!!

On Friday morning we were off on the school bus! It was a cool day but perfect for walking around the zoo. Luella's highlight was feeding the goats! She would have stayed in the petting zoo all day if I had let her. We had a couple hours to spend at the zoo and got to see lots of fun animals.

After the zoo we headed to a nearby park to have lunch and play. Luella enjoyed eating her lunch out of her kitty lunchbox and then was ready to go play!

The park was huge and there were many buses of kids playing. Luella was off and running. It was a little challenging keeping up with her at times. I couldn't climb up and follow her easily since there were so many kids. I stayed on the ground and followed her every move praying she wouldn't start having a seizure at the top of the twirly slide! She was one day shy of going five weeks seizure-free so I was on extra high alert! After 15 minutes of solid playing I pulled her aside and had her take a five minute break. After that she was a little more calm as we went around to all the different groups of playground equipment around the park. I didn't have her take anymore breaks during the next hour of playing - then it was time to go! We made it! NO seizures!

Until.... We got on the bus and Luella was just tired out. She was asleep before we even left town. It was a 30 minute ride back to Luverne and 10 minutes into her nap I felt her body lurch forward slightly while she slept with her head on my lap. I leaned forward to look and her eyes were wide open and she was starting to drool! She was seizing. :-( We haven't dealt with a sleep - seizure since October... they are ALWAYS hard to stop. I got right to it and got her rescue meds ready. I hated to give them to her but she needed them. Two doses to stop the seizure. It had been just over six months since Luella needed rescue meds! (The last time was to stop a nap time seizure at Univesral Studios in Florida!) Luella was turning very blue, her oxygen dipped down to 38%. I was so glad I had lugged around that heavy oxygen tank all day! Her seizure lasted about 10 minutes and then she slept.

Jim met us back at the school to help get Luella off the bus and into the van. We got her home and she slept three hours! We had to wake her up eventually. Once she was awake though she just couldn't stop talking about her fun day.. the zoo, the animals, playing at the park, etc.... No memory of the seizure. Thank you God for allowing Luella to have the fun she deserved and to remember it all!

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  1. Bless her little heart!
    That is such a blessing that you did have that oxygen and she woke up remembering her fun day! Glad to hear she has been doing so well in general :)