"The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.
   Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”
Deuteronomy 31:8

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Diet going well but a seizure tonight

Luella's diet has been going very well. One week completed! We had hoped to see some improvements in the frequency of Luella's seizures right away but she ended up having a seizure right before bed tonight - another strange one that took about a dose and a half of midazolam to stop. (Half of a dose came out of her nose when I was giving it so it didn't have a chance to work.) Thankfully she did come out of it, but again it was one of those where you are left wondering if it really IS done. I was glad Jim was home with me this time! It's been 10 days since the last one.

Although it was a bummer to see Luella have a seizure tonight after being on the diet a week, we know it might take some time to see the results we hope for too. We plan on sticking with the diet for two months before we decide if it is really helping.

I've been really pleased with how Luella is handling the diet. She has asked for sweets a few times but doesn't really complain too much when I have to tell her no. One thing that helps is rounding out the carbs for each meal with a couple of grapes or a small amount of yogurt. I think she feels she is still getting a little "dessert". We tried Salmon and Mock Garlic Mashed Potatoes (mashed cauliflower) one night. Luella actually didn't seem to mind it and ate most of her food. Everyone else... not so much. I'm sorry, but those "mashed potatoes" were not good! Thankfully since Luella seemed to like them okay, I might be able to use them as a sub when we have real potatoes some time. I also made Spaghetti Squash one night, we used the squash in place of our usual noodles with hamburger and spaghetti sauce. It wasn't bad and Luella really enjoyed it!

Oopsie Rolls!
Jim even came across a recipe for something called Oopsie Rolls - basically a very low carb bread substitute. The only ingredients are eggs, cream of tartar and cream cheese. They are amazing!! Less than 1 gram of carb per "bun"!! And the possibilities are endless! Luella ate some with butter and garlic - as garlic bread with her "spaghetti," and today I made her french toast with them!! We all tried a bite and it was very good!

I've been marking lots of other recipes to try. I tried making some chocolate chip cookies today. Luella got to have one for a snack. They are okay but VERY crumbly. I'm on the lookout for a different recipe.

Thank you again for your continued prayers!!

I'll leave you with a SMILE tonight straight from Luella. Luella drew this smilie face all by herself on Friday!! She was so proud, carrying it in the kitchen to show me the "face" she drew!! She loves to draw!

Luella drew this smilie all by herself!!

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  1. I love the smiley face! That is so adorable :)
    You've inspired me to try the oopsie rolls. I think I've seen the recipe out there but hadn't heard if they were worth it or not. It's encouraging when even adults think they're good :)
    Thinking of you and little Luella, Heather...and hoping the diet starts working soon.