"The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.
   Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”
Deuteronomy 31:8

Monday, February 27, 2012

Update on Hospital Stay

Luella has tested positive for RSV, they think she may have pneumonia too or it might just be the RSV showing up on the chest x-ray. They are treating her for the pneumonia as a precaution. Like Jim said we are at the Castle in Sioux Falls after getting transferred here from Luverne about 1am on Sunday. Luella was having a hard time keeping her oxygen levels up. At home on Saturday afternoon her oxygen level was dropping to 83% during her nap (normal would be 90-100%). At the hospital in Luverne it dropped to 77% and the doctor felt she needed to be here.

Things have improved some. They took the oxygen off for awhile today and she was doing pretty well for awhile on her own but now she is needing oxygen again tonight. She has a terrible cough and is very lethargic and sleeps a lot. And unfortunately isn't eating at all. She is on IV fluids and they aren't too concerned with her not eating yet, but she will need to make some improvements there and with her oxygen levels before they will consider letting her leave. We might be here a while. Thankfully she hasn't had any seizures because of this!! That is a HUGE relief and we hope that will hold true! I'm just hoping she perks up a little bit here and will play some.

She has been handling all of this really well. Several nurses have commented on how good she is. When they are needing to retape and fix her IV she just holds her hand out so nicely and waits! When they scan her bracelet for her meds she holds her arm up on her own!

Jim was able to be with Luella most of the day today so I could get away. I had a terrible headache all last night and this morning. I was so nauseous that I vomited this morning - holding Luella in one arm and vomit bag in the other!! NOT FUN! I didn't have my headache meds with me here so when Jim got here this morning I took my meds and slept for two hours. I felt well enough to drive then and I was able to go home for awhile and shower and repack my bag for the stay here.

If anyone would like to call or visit please email me for information. I'll try to have Jim check my email.

We would appreciate everyone's continued prayers for Luella. Thank you so much!

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