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   Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”
Deuteronomy 31:8

Friday, December 16, 2016

Luella's Flight to the North Pole

Luella got to take part in a very special experience on Wednesday. Make-A-Wish Minnesota sent Luella an invitation to take part in Sun Country Airlines "Flight to the North Pole". She's been invited every year since her Wish trip but we just haven't been able to make it work. This year I wanted to make sure to make it and fortunately the weather cooperated and Luella and I made the drive up to Minneapolis on Wednesday. It was a LONG day - driving up to the cities, taking a little time to shop at Ikea (that part was for me), then on to park and get on the bus to head to the airport!

We got off the bus and headed to ticketing to get our tickets to the "North Pole". Luella knows we didn't really go to the North Pole, but it was fun no matter what! Everywhere we went we were greeted by "elves" and so much festivity! We got our tickets and headed to the gate. Up at the gate area there were of course more elves but also lots of team mascots and fun! Soon it was time to board. The plane was all decked out and the flight attendants were dressed as elves too. The kids shut their window shades and the plane "took off"! The pilot revved the engines and taxied around while everyone was served supper on the plane. When we "arrived" we had to wait a bit for Santa to signal that he was ready for the kids. Then it was time to get off the plane and visit Santa!

We got off the plane a few gates down from where we boarded. They had transformed the area into a fun place to meet with Santa. Luella was so excited to meet Santa and tell him what she wanted for Christmas. Santa took a few minutes to meet with each of the almost 70 kids there. When it was Luella's turn she made sure to tell Santa she wanted a scooter for Christmas. Then Santa gave her a little early gift to take home - a little stuffed Cambri toy and a Sun Country airport playset! Luella also got a special Rudolph balloon hat! Luella wasn't sure if this was going to be the "real" Santa but after he greeted her with a "Ho, Ho, Ho" she told me she knew it was the real Santa!

There wasn't a "return" trip from the North Pole so I was glad Luella understood it was a pretend trip. I heard a few kids say "but don't we need to fly home?" ;-) Soon it was time to get back on the bus to head back to the parking garage! We stopped for gas and Luella changed into PJs for the ride home. It was about 9:15 when we got on the road! Thankfully Luella was out within about 30 minutes... despite all the cookies and candy they filled her up with! I was thankful for good driving conditions and a list of podcasts to keep me awake for the drive home. Luella slept the entire way home and we pulled in the driveway at 12:30!

It was such a fun and magical night for Luella. I'm so glad we had this opportunity. Make-A-Wish Minnesota and Sun Country Airlines did an amazing job making sure all the kids had a terrific time!

You'll have to view the video slideshow to see all the fun!! https://youtu.be/pqLAZZ3es8g


  1. Super cute! What a fun thing for them to do :)!

  2. A lot more airports need to do this for the wish children yearly.