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   Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”
Deuteronomy 31:8

Friday, May 9, 2014


The medical cannabis bill passed the House this afternoon around 5:00 with a GREAT majority, 85 - 39!!! We are so excited!! Thank you to everyone who supported this effort... with your prayers and contacts to our legislators! We appreciate everyone who took the time to fully understand what this could mean for Luella!! We will be celebrating tonight!! Of course there is still more work to do... a compromise needs to be made between the House and Senate bills, then on to the Governor.

Here is a statement released today from our group....

Put Patient Needs First with Medical Cannabis Law in Minnesota

We are tremendously pleased with the efforts made by lawmakers to pass a functional medical cannabis bill this session. Lawmakers have heard from a series of experts in the field of medical cannabis to equip them to make the right choices. Additionally, they have heard from patients, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, pastors, doctors and concerned supportive citizens across the state explaining how this medicine will improve the lives of Minnesota patients for a wide variety of debilitating conditions.

We are confident lawmakers have the information needed to do the right thing for the citizens of Minnesota this session. We are very thankful to the House and Senate for passing bills by such large margins. We are optimistic with the passage of the House bill, the Governor will sign a bill that puts the needs of thousands of Minnesota patients first.

With gratitude,
Patrick McClellan, Jennessa Lea, Barbara Ferron, Joni Whiting, Kendra Miller, Cassie Traun, Maria and Mark Botker, Martha Schulz, Kim and Mark Kelsey, Kathy and Scott Engstrom, Jeremy and Kristy Pauling, Jessica and Jeremy Hauser, Angie and Josh Weaver, Angela and Paddy Garin, Ryan and Jenny Hiltner, Heather and Jim Johnson, Beth and Dan Hundley, Kristy and Mike Kargel, Jonathan Holmgren, Heather Kainz ...

... and thousands of patients and family members of patients.

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