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Thursday, March 27, 2014

KELOLAND News Link and Please Write Your Elected Officials

Luella’s story made the news again, you can watch her segment online here:

Gov. Dayton has recently proposed replacing the medical marijuana bill with a research study.  More research into medical marijuana is great, but we have some serious concerns with this research counter proposal like:
  1. It’s based on a 1980 medical marijuana research law that MN already has, but no one has ever been able to access medical marijuana under that  law.  It doesn't make us overly confident that this new medical marijuana research bill would work any better.
  2. If the research proposal does actually work, how quickly could it be set up and running?  The medical marijuana research that has taken place in the U.S. usually takes years to get going.
  3. Even in the best case where this research proposal works, it’s very limiting in who can partake in the research.  Only some of the pediatric patients with refractory epilepsy would qualify. This proposal leaves out others suffering with severe illnesses and a great need for medical marijuana access.
While we have serious concerns about the research proposal at the same time we also find it very encouraging to think that Luella could be part of this research.  There is one right answer to this dilemma, the medical marijuana research proposal should be added to the existing medical marijuana legislation.  This would give the seriously ill and suffering patients the (relatively) quick access they need to this medication.  At the same time the research (that everyone wants) could continue to move forward.

While we’re hopeful that our Rock County legislators will support the current medical marijuana legislation, it certainly doesn't hurt to let them know how many in Rock County support this treatment option.  You can easily email your MN legislators via this web page:

They already have a pre-canned email typed up if you don't want to write your own.  Please let your legislators know that you support the medical marijuana legislation

We also encourage you to continue mailing (see our 21JAN2014 blog post for details) and emailing Gov Dayton.  Ultimately he’s the one that will decide this bill’s fate.  If he comes out in support of the medical marijuana legislation it’s sure to become law.  If he continues to oppose the medical marijuana legislation its outlook is much bleaker, but there’s always the chance he’ll have a change of heart at the last minute.  Especially if enough of our legislators support it (so call and email your legislators).

Don't forget to sign the White House petition to allow more medical marijuana research:

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