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Deuteronomy 31:8

Monday, February 24, 2014

Watch for us on KELOLAND News! ...and Long Seizure Sunday Night

We had Ben Dunsmoor and a camera man from KELOLAND News with us for about an hour on Monday interviewing us about the medical marijuana legislation in Minnesota. The piece will air on the Wednesday 10PM news "Eye on KELOLAND". If you aren't local, I'll post the link to the story online after it airs.

Luella had an hour long seizure Sunday early evening. It took three doses of midazolam to stop. We thought the seizure had stopped after two doses but it appeared to start again and looking back we don't feel it had stopped until after the third dose. Jim was ready to head to the ER and then it finally DID stop. I really hate how difficult Luella's seizures can be. You'd think after dealing with these things for 3+ years we'd have them figured out! Luella was in some obvious pain as the seizure started too. She cried that her face hurt and was holding her cheek when it started. Poor babe!!


  1. Oh wow! How long has it been since she had one that long? What kind was it?...she wasn't convulsing that whole time was she?!

  2. Did you see this letter to the editor in Feb. 25 Mpls. Star Tribune--excellent--
    It’s not about smoking or getting high

    Regarding “Medical marijuana: Ask the right questions, and you won’t back it” (Readers Write, Feb. 22): I am writing as the parent of a daughter who has suffered from refractory epilepsy/seizures for more than 13 years. We have tried more than 45 drugs and combinations of drugs, and also dietary measures, to control her seizures, without success. As her parents, my wife and I are always looking to provide the best quality of life for her as possible. After trying the conventional methods, we are willing to try something else.

    One of the “illusions” of medical marijuana is that the only way to benefit from its use is to smoke it. This is neither fair nor accurate. There are different components, otherwise known as cannabinoids, to marijuana or cannabis that are used for medicinal purposes. Of these components, the most prevalent are THC and CBD. THC is, in layman’s terms, what provides the “high.” The component CBD is not intoxicating and has anticonvulsant properties (among other things). A liquid formulation of highly purified cannabidiol (CBD) extract is used to control epilepsy and seizures.

    PETER BORMAN, Fridley