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Friday, December 13, 2013

Gillette Appointments / Governor Dayton Update

Luella had three appointments up at Gillette Children's in St Paul on Wednesday. We made a long day out of it and drove up and back the same day. Even though we had gotten more snow on Tuesday, thankfully the roads ended up being pretty good. Luella's first appointment was with Dr. Novacheck, a orthopedic doctor. Dr. Wical wanted Luella to be evaluated since she is somewhat clumsy and she felt Luella was in-toeing a bit. Dr. Novacheck said Luella has some internal tibial torsion in her left leg. Basically her left tibia bone is rotated inward a little bit which causes her foot to turn inwards a little. This condition can improve on its own (or potentially get worse). It's just something we need to watch. Luella is also quite loose in her hips. The doctor was pleased that Luella is getting OT and DAPE services at the school because they can work with her on strengthening and tightening up her hips which will also help in gaining more stability. We will continue with yearly check-ups with Dr. Novacheck.

Luella's appointment with her neurologist, Dr. Wical, went well. Dr. Wical was very pleased with how well Luella is doing. She said the results of the EEG three weeks ago during the sleep study were quite good for a child with Dravet. No major issues! Of course she'd like to see Luella have even fewer seizures as would we.

We also had a follow-up with Dr. Garcia - the sleep specialist. We got a prescription for something we can try giving to Luella in the middle of the night if she is having a long awake time. It's not an every night type medication so we'll see how that works.

We basically moved from one appointment to the next with little downtime so it was a pretty efficient day and we were able to head home by 3:30. On the way home we stopped at a McDonald's with a play area so Luella could move around a bit after sitting so much of the day. She had her supper then was super excited to go play. So got a few runs down the slide before having a tonic clonic (grand mal) seizure right at the entrance of the tubes. I was so glad she wasn't inside!! Being so rigid and heavy and trying to get her out of there would not have been easy! We did have to give one dose of midazolam to stop the seizure. Unfortunately she didn't get to sleep long - when we moved her to the van she woke up and wasn't too happy the last 90 minutes home. Thankfully we had the DVD player!!

We did come home to some good news on our voice mail and email. We received the following email regarding Governor Dayton's position on medical marijuana. This is a step in the right direction!! We ask that you take a quick minute to send him a letter showing your support of medical marijuana in MN. You can use an online form located here to do that: https://secure2.convio.net/mpp/site/Advocacy?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=2169

State Alert Header Title
2014: The year for medical marijuana in Minnesota

Dear Jim and Heather,

Is Gov. Mark Dayton – thankfully – softening his irrational opposition to medical marijuana? It appears as though that might be the case. YesterdayECM reported that Gov. Dayton will allow staff to work with patients and advocates on the issue of medical marijuana. He even expressed interest in researching the issue himself. While we still “don’t know where he stands,” according to Heather Azzi, political director for Minnesotans for Compassionate Carewith your help, we can educate the governor’s staff and demonstrate just how ridiculous law enforcement’s “blanket opposition” to medical marijuana really is.
Twenty states and Washington, D.C. all have workable medical marijuana laws protecting seriously ill patients from arrest and prosecution for using medical marijuana with a physician’s recommendation. Why should Minnesotans suffering from cancer, HIV/AIDS, Dravet syndrome, PTSD, ALS, MS, and other enumerated conditions be forced to break the law in order to have a better quality of life? Ask the governor to listen to patients and providers and be skeptical of the “chicken little” opposition with which certain members of law enforcement provide him.
One to two minutes of your time will help give Minnesota the gift of a compassionate law. Please email Gov. Dayton’s office; thank his staff for their time spent on the issue, encourage the governor himself to look compassionately at the issue, and then send this to fellow Minnesotans who support medical marijuana.
Happy holidays!

Robert J. Capecchi
Deputy Director of State Policies
Marijuana Policy Project 

- See more at: http://control.mpp.org/site/MessageViewer?em_id=70561.0&dlv_id=65201#sthash.9UbZpmco.dpuf

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  1. Wonderful update about Gov. Dayton! That's a great big step!
    Glad you had a pretty smooth day with the specialists.
    You asked about my banners...I don't really sell them online but if you are truly interested in one I would be more than happy to send it to you. Just let me know, but absolutely no pressure!